Equipment Hire Packages

Braemar Howells is one of the leading providers of oil, hazmat/HNS and CBRN response equipment hire packages, having leased equipment around the globe to major oil and gas companies, refineries, shipping industries, ports and harbours, and chemical manufacturers. Our equipment hire packages are tailored to suit the client’s specific response requirements and limitations. Counter pollution equipment packages we provide are: –

  • Tier 1 offshore oil spill response equipment packages (OPRC 1990 requirement)
  • Portside spill response equipment
  • Shoreline response equipment packages
  • Inland spill response trailers
  • SOPEP spill response kits
  • Bespoke counter pollution packages to suit clients requirements.
  • Hazmat/HNS/CBRN response trailers
  • Hazmat/HNS/CBRN containerised packages

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