Aerial Surveillance

Braemar Howells aerial surveillance training utilises the trainers experience in both salvage and oil spill response surveillance.

The three-day course which can be undertaken at a Braemar Howells training facility, or a suitable location on request, is a combination of theory and practical course material which will provide delegates with the skill set to: –

  • Plan and coordinate an aerial surveillance flight, including planes, blimps, and UAVs.
  • Record overflight information of an incident.
  • Calculate spill trajectory and determine best suitable response strategies.
  • How to present information gathered to members of the incident management team.

Our course can be tailored to suit the requirement of the client if they are from the shipping, salvage or oil and gas industry.

For all your training enquiries please contact Ann Frank, on [email protected] or download a copy of our training brochure.